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Robin from Bangalore

Just thinking back for a moment about my initial contact with Gia , I stumbled upon her on google actually, and then did some various researches on a number of sites and her own website. What I learned and noted was that she ticked all the boxes that are important to me, especially meeting (...)

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Rashid from Malaysa

The perfect companion? Elite High Class courtesan? Confidante? Amazing lay? Cherry berry flavoured man-candy!? …
Of course! Gia is all these things … but she prefers to think of herself as the naturally beautiful girl next door with a kooky sense of humour and an instinct for laughter. A (...)

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Wow, wow and wow again!! This delicious Miss Luscious just gets better and better. She certainly deserves the title (in my opinion) of Chennai's finest escort. She is beautiful, funny, caring, good natured and fucking sexy!! I have seen her a number of times and so am biased but I won't (...)
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Unbelievable!!! Such a lady and a great service to go with it.
Thank you Gia for a unforgettable night.


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Gia would have to be one of the most warm-hearted, softest, caring and beautiful people I know. I am an ugly old bald guy, yet Gia makes me feel wanted and desirable.

From the first passionate kiss and touch, as she undresses you slowly, to the intimate shower, as she subtly guides you (...)

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Gia.... is simply, a must have experience. From the moment I met her, she made me feel at ease. Very easy to talk to, genuinely interested in my world and a smile that would melt butter.

A naturally beautiful woman, the perfect mix of the girl next door and the seductive temptress that you (...)

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Rishi From ECR

What can I say about Gia… she’s all that – a Gia in name, colour and personality. I had my third visit with Gia yesterday – after a couple of re-schedules due to us both being quite busy people.

So when the time finally arrived, it was with some intense anticipation. Once the door opened (...)

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Parthiban from Tambaram

Indulgence - the treasure that is Gia.

It is a privilege to meet and to get to know Gia. She is a delightful, wonderful, amazing, beautiful lady / person, there are just so many adjectives you could use to describe a treasure like Gia, but none alone do her justice. When you meet her, (...)

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I've come to the conclusion that the divine Gia completely redefines pleasure. I've also come to realise that Gia has reset the benchmark for pleasure and great sex.

My most recent rendezvous with Gia was two months ago, and I am now realising that this new benchmark has consequences for (...)

Had an awesome experience with gia today - gave her 5 stars for the company provided . Would recommend her anytime . Look fwd to meeting her again soon .loved the time spent with you gia - will definitely be back - if you will have me !?
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Dr. Dinesh From Coimbatore

Ladies and gentlemen, I thought I would take the time to provide a review for the amazing Gia. As a relatively new punter I have read escort reviews to help me find my way…so to speak. These reviews are often a blow by blow (no pun intended) description of amazing sex, and I often wondered if (...)

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Abdul Karim from Dubai

I have seen the lovely Gia on a number of occasions and each time seems to blow my mind (and other things!!) even further. This latest rendezvous, Gia met me in the lobby wearing a stunning short figure hugging black dress. She looked absolutely to die for, showing off her killer curves to (...)

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Parker from Jakarta

Just had to write a review of the amazingly wonderful Gia after seeing her recently in Chennai .

I had been impressed with her previous reviews and pics on her website and consequently became Twitter friends before making a booking .
Gia is just a delight to converse with by txts , phone (...)

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Durai Raj from Bangalore

I was lucky to intersect with Gia's touring schedule, and saw her as an incall for 2 hours of PSE. One of the sexiest sights in my life greeted me as she let me into her room. Given how incredibly gorgeous her photos are, it may be hard to believe the old saying, but it is nevertheless (...)

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An amazing picture of beauty is Gia Flyza. Her photos show an extremely beautiful and stylish lady. As a follower of her on her members area you also see a set of real selfies that back these up. My luck for 2015 was definitely shining when I found Gia was touring Bangalore and it was when I (...)

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I first came into contact with Gia via social media a while ago. We have been chatting ever since. Gia is so lovely and friendly and easy to talk to. I noticed that in December she was touring to Bangalore and quickly contacted Gia to secure a booking. In the days leading up to the booking I (...)

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R. Kannan Matthews
Kannan Matthews from England

When you have been around for as long as I have you get to see and experience many aspects of human behaviour. There is of course good and bad in all of us, but some are so pure of heart that they defy words. But I will try anyway.

Gia is one such person. She is truly beautiful, and no, (...)

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Desmond Chew From Hong Kong

I been a frequent visitor to India. I always wanted to try a Indian girl. But most of the advertisements seems like it is a agent or fake. And I visited few and 99% of all those so called  high class professional escort are not escort. They are just some cheap call girl or up scale (...)

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Damien From Singapore

When I met Gia, She greeted me with a warm smile making me feel comfortable straight away. Gia struck me as being a confident and sophisticated charming lady. After engaging in some conversation over a glass off wine, we made our way to the bedroom. Gia slowly took off her clothes and (...)

George Wong from kuala lumpur, Malaysia
George Wong from kuala lumpur, Malaysia

Gia Flyza where do i even begin.

Not only is this woman every bit as amazing as her pictures portrays but then some! That body wow, the tan, the makeup, everything about her is perfect and i could quiet easily rant on here all night about her!


Not only is she the perfect eye candy (...)

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Kannan Muthu From Chennai

Well what can i say this girl is so down to earth and so much fun, photos are exactly what you see on line. Not just intelligent but god damn hot, a must to see.Cant wait to catch up with her again.xx

Smith from LA
Smith from LA

Chennai escort? Searching over the net? Lots of bull shits are there . BEWARE. Fake escorts and cheap calls girls trying to be an escort material are many in Chennai. I pity Chennai guys who met with cheap call girls and think they been with an escort. If I myself been cheated by Chennai (...)

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Sarath from Delhi

Was browsing the internet and Gia had an ad up with photos that immediately caught my attention. Quick look at her website and couldn't resist but email for a booking. Booking with her was easy with a quick email initially. Was a bit skeptical about the verification, but it turned out (...)

Rick (Portsmouth)
I’ll be back

I can’t really put words on how excellent my date with Gia was. She is definitely a perfect match for me, in all aspects. I already told her how great she is, so what remains is complementing you for the excellent service in giving me what I needed rather than what I asked for. Completely (...)

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Mart from Brisbane
Mart From Brisbane

I was in Chennai for business 2 weeks ago and decided to look for an escort. After going making a little search, Gia’s profile caught my eye.

Firstly the booking process was really easy. A couple of texts , verification and a call and an hour later I was outside Gia’s door.

The area was (...)

Shanmugam From Chennai
Shanmugam Chennai

I met with GF a few weeks ago and she is clearly passionate in what she does, she makes the whole experience unforgettable and mindblowing as you could ever imagine and it will be a day i will never forget and would recommend her to anyone, thank you!




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